Friday, July 1, 2011

Not sure the Colorado Avalanche are making sense in net

In my last post I mentioned the Colorado Avalanche traded for goalie Varlamov. Well the Avs picked up another goalie, this time through free agency, but is it the right choice or will the Avs be kicking themselves later?

The Avalanche late Friday afternoon picked up goalie J.S. Giguere off of the free agency wire. Giguere who spent the last couple of seasons playing for the Toronto Maple Leafs, won a cup way back in 2007 when the Anaheim Ducks beat Ottawa Senators. But he has never real been the same goalie.

In his years with Toronto Giguere played 48 games in two seasons. Last year he fought for the starting position and lost to Gustavson and later Reimer.

The Avalanche were in the mix of teams trying to contact Tomas Vokoun who went on the market today. He would have been a great fit for an Avs team trying to get back to their winning ways. But then Avalanche fans saw their team trade two picks for Varlamov.

I was a little disappointed they went for him but do see the reasoning behind it. Varlamov is a young player and young goalies have been known to succeed early in their career, just look at Ryan Miller.

Matt Duchene was quoted from his twitter account saying "Excited about having a young, talented goalie in Denver in Varlamov. Will fit in great"

But seeing Colorado pick up Giguere makes no sense at all. Why would the Avs pay for two fairly big names in net who currently have the skills to become great backups and not starters? Also I would have thought that the money you could have saved not picking both of these guys up, you could have spent on Vokoun. Having Vokoun in net then resigning Jason Bacashihua would help as a backup. Bacashihua posted a 23-16 record with four shutouts and led Monsters to their first playoff series in franchise history. Or if they wanted to get someone with more NHL experience they could have looked at signing Free Agent Ty Conklin. Conklin is known for being a decent back up and would have been great behind Vokoun.

The Avalanche are not slowing down and are looking to add another player tonight. More information on breaking developments here on this blog. Find me on twitter at @WillWodka2133

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