Thursday, February 24, 2011

Monsters look to get closer to playoffs as the Avs look to get better

The Avalanche have been sub par of late, Tuesday they won just their first game in eleven games. A new look in net for the Avs may spark some excitement for the team. The Avs announced on Wednesday they traded Craig Anderson for Brian Elliot who will back up Peter Budaj for now. The goalie position may not have been a spot you would expect them to trade for. The Avs are stacked with goalies and have a couple of upcoming stars in the minors right now, but this move was necessary to spark something in this team and to get rid of an Anderson who has not showed his true potential since getting picked up by the Avs.

As we move towards the trade deadline the team should start looking at their defenseman. The first two lines look stacked and just need to work together more to produce more. But defense is key for this team to survive in the western conference. Not sure if the season is lost for the Avs yet but times are rough and a quick bounce back is need fast for them to have a shot to play past April.

For the Monsters the team looks solid. I plan on going to the game tonight at the Quicken Loans Arena, if I do I will have more on how the team looks in upcoming days.

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