Friday, June 10, 2011

As hockey fans wait for the puck drop tonight, others are happy to see a team come back.

In a season that has been chalk full of highlights and news, the playoffs are taking a back seat for some GMs. 
A couple weeks ago NHL commissioner Gary Bettman along with members from the Atlanta Thrashers made an announcement that the team will be moving to Winnipeg.

This boasted many fans not just in the Winnipeg area. Winnipeg had a team years ago but the Jets could never establish much and the team and with the majority owners deciding to not renew the contract and keep the team in Winnipeg, they moved to Pheonix 1996.

With all of the reports following the Pheonix Coyotes in recent years some fans found a renewed optimistic look at possibly moving the team back to Winnipeg or the Canadian area. Pheonix has had plenty of offers but so far the city of Pheonix along with Gary Bettman has made it their promise to keep the team there.

So far it has worked for the team as well, getting to the first round of this year's playoffs but ultimately falling to the Detroit Red Wings.

In a time where everyone thought the Coyotes were going to be a team to move, a surprise decision was made within weeks of hearing the Atlanta Thrashers were looking to sell the team. Truth North Sports and Entertainment came in and within weeks made every Winnipeg fan's dream of seeing an NHL team back again, a reality.

The company also owns the Manitoba Moose an AHL team affiliated to the Vancover Canucks and rumors swirled of the Moose dissolving and becoming the Winnipeg team. This was untrue and word of both teams staying became the norm.

This was of course until today when AHL President and CEO David Andrews announced the Manitoba Moose will move to St. John's N.L. in Canada. Andrews also said the team will be the AHL affiliate to the new Winnipeg team come fall.  In BREAKING NEWS the when the team moves to St. John's they will no longer be the Moose. There have been some incidents where people have been getting injured from Moose and Danny Williams would not like that to affect the team. So the team will have a new name as well as a new home come fall.

This is a time where hockey tradition seems to be coming back. For years Bettman has been trying to expand the league to areas where hockey was never really heard of before or were new to it. Ideas have been thrown around for another team in California and more out West. But in recent months we have seen teams move back to its roots. Not saying it is a great idea for all teams to go back into Canada. I love having hockey in the United States but is it possible that we could see a time where the league re-evaluates itself and sees that it will take time to introduce the sport to places like Utah. For now in a time where the league and sport can bank on other sports downfalls (NFL, NBA, MLS) it is safe to say the sport and leagues are gaining popularity and revenue and I expect to see more moves and changes to the leagues.

Until then only time will tell when everything will be a success, but until then we have a Stanley Cup Champion to crown.

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