Friday, September 10, 2010

Was it really that big of a deal

 The leaves are starting to change, the temperatures are starting to fall and the pigskin is being thrown once again for another season.
 Last night was the official start of the NFL regular season. To be honest, I really didn't have a point to watch it. Yeah I like watching Drew Brees light it up and I am happy the Saints won last year. In fact the picture of Brees and his kid in front of a sign saying champions to me is one of the greatest pictures in super bowl history.
 Besides the point, I felt like why should I watch this game, I hate the Vikings and once again who had to be the spotlight, Brett Favre. He seems to want the attention more than having class. It was great that the Saints played the first game of the season following their super bowl win and being on National television helps not only the team but the city as well. I was more than happy to see that, but really did Favre figure out that the first Vikings game was on national T.V. and he would be all the buzz.
 Favre did not show up last night and lost the game, really showing his age and that he is in it just for the money and fame. He used to be such a great quarterback. He was a god to Packers fans. I can remember watching him the Monday night football game the day after his father died and throwing 6 touchdowns. After the game he talked about the game being for his dad. That showed me that he was a person and cared about others. I liked him back then, he cared about others and hearing that it was heart warming but now, can we just put away the Favre stories and get back to covering whats important in the football league.
  One big thing that has received little attention is if the league will figure out a new collective bargaining agreement. Another thing I noticed was there were a lot of changes in the teams around the league, I mean Pete Carroll will be coaching his first NFL since leaving New England for college football this weekend, and that has received little press. Favre is now to me a joke of the league and unless its something important like he really gets hurt (god forbid), or he breaks another record, or gets into the super bowl then I think maybe the media should look at other stories.

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