Friday, September 10, 2010

Colorado Avalanche look to add to their depth

With this being my first post I am going to jump write into it.

    The NHL team Colorado Avalanche have spent their time as a franchise rebuilding. Coming over to Colorado from Quebec in 1995, they started out winning the Stanley Cup. They had amazing players on the team, and got taken out by Dallas in 2000, but then came another run in 2001 where they would beat the defending cup winners the New Jersey Devils in the finals.
    Well, since then the Avalanche have not been so hot, gone are the days of Patrick Roy, Joe Sakic, Milan Heduk, and welcome in the days of the younger guys like Matt Duchene and Chris Stewart.
    One thing that I have noticed that teams are starting to work with is a farm system. About three or four years ago the team announced they would be partnering up with the Lake Erie Monsters who play here in Cleveland, OH.
    They have used the team wisely, calling up guys like phillipe Dupuis and Chris Durno. Durno who was involved with an off-season sign by another team played well in Lake Erie and helped Colorado.
    A big name guy that came out of their farm system was Brandon Yip. I was fortunate enough to go to his first game with the monsters and he was spectacular. Scoring a couple goals including the would be game winner. Yip was called up to the bigs sooner than most expected and helped out for Colorado in more ways than none. He signed a multi year contract over the summer with the Avalanche and will continue to play in the scheme of things.
    I bring all of this up because, just this past week the Colorado Avalanche have announced they will partner up with another team as well as the Monsters.
    The team is out of the Central Hockey League and are named the Tulsa Oilers. The Central Hockey league also known as the CHL, not to be confused with the OHL the canadian hockey league, is like the system just under the American Hockey League where the Monsters are. A lot of prospects will go through the Oilers to get to the Monsters and from the Monsters to the Avalanche.
   This is a great step forward for an organization like the Colorado Avalanche who look to continue building a franchise based on winning.
    I wanted to bring this to the attention of many because not a lot of people find out about this kind of news or the teams for that matter.
    Living in Cleveland currently, I think its great to say we are one of a select few that has some type of all four major sports in the city. The Monsters are building a great fan base here, and continue to work on marketing their team.
    Being an Avalanche fan myself ever since they moved from Quebec I am thrilled to hear the news and look forward to following all three teams now.

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