Thursday, September 16, 2010

Is a camera really going to help

Recently the MLB has been having the discussion of adding instant replay to their everyday game. But is this such a good idea and will it help.
 In yesterday's Yankees vs. Rays game Derek Jeter faked everyone out by apparently getting hit in the hand by a fastball, but when the telecast replayed it about a thousand times, they realized that the ball didn't hit his hand at all. Instead it hit the butt end of his bat. The sound alone was enough to make you wonder and Joe Maddon of the Rays came out to make that argument. Nothing was done and the Yankees would later hit a 2 run homerun but ultimately lost the battle.
  That is just one of many missed calls in the league that is giving question to should instant replay be established.
  I am not a big fan of the idea, I think that it would take away from the game. Baseball is a very different sport from football. Football is more controllable and giving the fact that the ball is bigger and the playing field is slimmer football has an edge on it. In baseball there could be any number of plays replayed. Think about it, how many times was there a call for safe at home plate when the right call would have been out or vise versa. Some important games have ended on calls like that and we still go on.  I also think that it takes away from the players. The players dictate the game, they move on a shift when a big bat comes to the plate or they call out other plays like where the ball is going to be thrown if a guy is stealing second.
 Yes it is hard to tell whether every call was the right call. I think a big help would be to get all the umpires in a meeting room and look each call over, give them a chance to explain and learn from the experiences, then help them call a better game. Give them more training. There are a million situations that an ump. may have to call on, but if they are more prepared then that could help.
 Like I said almost every play in baseball can be argued and taking the play away from the player lessens the sport and takes away from what the game really is. So as the playoffs set to begin lets look to making the sport exciting, not everyone wins, and when there is a call like the Jeter call, you see the passion in not only the fans but the players as well, and thats what it should be, we all know these players make lots of money, some more than what they deserve but its entertainment and its supposed to provoke emotion. Whether it is excitement, sorrow or anger.

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